Linguistic Software Converters


This purpose of this site is to assist users of certain linguistic software to convert files from one format to another in a simple manner. It works like this:

First you upload a file for conversion, then you see the converted file on the screen (next to the original, for comparison). If you are happy with the result you download the converted file to your computer. Then you upload the next file...

You can adjust the way a file is converted and then save these modifications. From then on these 'settings' will be retained, but you can always alter and save them again.

To use this service you must first register and then log in. This is what makes it possible for you to save your settings. It also makes sure that your data is kept private.

The first - and at present only - converter transforms Transcriber files directly into Toolbox files in such a way that they can then be easily imported into Elan, and so that they can also play the 'sound chunk' information within Toolbox. (The files are also compatible with Shoebox, but the sounds won't play in this case). Associated settings files for opening the file in Toolbox/Shoebox and for importing it into Elan are also generated and these too can be downloaded.

I hope, in time, to add other converters to tackle similar conversion and other 'file fixing' tasks.

This site appears to work on Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer on Windows and on Safari and Firefox on the Mac. I recommend Firefox.

© Andrew Margetts 2008